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K-POP Idols with Blonde Hair

Posted on: August 3, 2012

As many of you guys may know, many K-idols are dying their hair colors. Not only brown, which is natural or just blonde, it’s a lot of other crazy colors like; red, blue, pink, purple, you name it! But today I want to talk about “the blondes” in K-POP.

The earlier blondes are, for example; Jessica and Hyoyeon of Girls’ Generation. But many of the idols today have/had dyed their hair blonde. I don’t know for you guys, but I really think blonde fits Asian faces. I guess K-POP makes anything look good but some are saying that they don’t like their idols to dyed “unnatural” colors. Well, it’s their hair and their life guys, deal with it. I think blonde makes them stands out because it’s a really bright color.
Anyways, I want to bring out some of the people who I think fits their blonde hair color. I wouldn’t be able to name it all, just so you know. Since there’s a lot, like a BUNCH, of the idols that dyed their hair blonde. I’ll just bring out some that I have had my eyes on, and yes, I’m more into girl groups, that’s why their might not be a lot of the boys.

SNSD- Jung Jessica (Known as the legend of blonde in K-POP, she was starred in the musical, “Legally Blonde”.)

SNSD- Hwang Tiffany (She has a little blood in her that makes her look kind of foreign. I think it’s her nose that make her look foreign, don’t you?)

SNSD- Kim Taeyeon (Since the first comeback stage of their song, The Boys, I was totally awed, in a good way, of her hair.)

SNSD- Lee Sunny (Even though it’s just a wig, she did dyed her hair blonde before in their “Oh!” Music Video.


SNSD- Kim Hyoyeon (Known as the one who dyed her hair in bunch of colors since before debuting.)

T-ARA- Park Jiyeon (Before, I thought the color was too light and it doesn’t fit her at all. But after watching their Music Video, Day By Day, I really like it. She also had blonde hair in “Time to Love”, the song featuring Supernova.)

f(x)- Park Luna (The first member of f(x) who dyed her hair blonde.)

f(x)- Song Victoria (Their comeback song, Electric Shock, was totally awesome and I can’t stop looking at Victoria’s hair.)

f(x)- Liu Amber (Her tomboyish look finish off with the blonde hair color.)

Ailee (The soloist that I like the most, her hair in Dream High 2 really make her stands out and I hope she go back to this color again. Not like that I don’t like her brown hair, by the way. And like I said about SNSD’s Tiffany, since she’s born in America or might have a little blood in her that make her kind of look foreign, her face or maybe her nose make her look a bit like foreigner.)

SECRET- Jun Hyosung (This color seriously fit her more than her purple hair.)

SECRET- Song Ji Eun (I think she’s really overshadowed by her other group members but I really like Jieun and I think she’s really pretty. She fits her blonde hair.)

SECRET- Zinger (She’s gotten prettier recently, don’t you think? Maybe, it’s because she grew her hair longer.)

KARA- Nicole (Her eyesmile makes her hair color even brighter.)

KARA- Gyuri (How can we left out this beautiful lady that look like Japanese out? With h er beautiful vocal and features, she totally rocked the blonde hair.)

Girl’s Day- Kim Yura (The pretty Yura also dyed her hair blonde.)

4MINUTE- HyunA (The cute girl off-stage, sexy on-stage, she is known for being called “The Next Lee Hyori” and she also debut with Wonder Girls.)

4MINUTE- Gayoon (The girl who has great vocals, she’s really charismatic.)

BoA (A talented soloist that became an idol since young age, her hair really makes her look more playful. Although, I love her black hair too but it’s not the point of this post.)

After School- Lee Nana (BaNana~ Haha, oh, I realized that banana is also yellow, referring that yellow is alike blonde.)

After School- Raina (She definitely became more prettier but she’s still cute as always.)

After School- Lizzy (She has matured after their comeback, Flashback, which I totally loved.)

After School- Bekah (I haven’t been able to get to know her better but she was really cool when I saw her in After School’s old Music Videos. Being graduated like Kahi, I really wish there wasn’t this kind of system in After School. Bekah graduated because she wanted to pursue her dream as a designer. Anyways, I hope to see their individual work become successful.)

Wonder Girls- Ye Eun (I was kind of disappointed that “The Wonder Girls” that was on TV on Nickelodeon channel was kind of short for it to be called a “movie”. The commercials were also taking like, half of their movie time. But yea, they did a good job promoting. Let’s give them round of applause for that. Also, their new song “Like Money” featuring AKON was awesome. Ye Eun looked totally stunning and so did the other girls. Hope they’ll be more successful in the U.S.)

2NE1- CL (Oh, yes, here it is, the girl group that is totally out of ordinary. CL, who is the leader/rapper of the group despite that she’s younger than her two unnies, Park Bom and Park Sandara.)

2NE1- Park Bom (Huge eyes with blonde hair, oh yeah!)

Miss A- Bae Suzy (Knowing about her in my most favorite drama, Dream High, I think she looks totally pretty with her blonde hair.)

Rainbow- Jisook (I knew about her because there was an article saying she’s a look-alike of Kim Taeyeon of Girls’ Generation. I think she’s too skinny, I don’t know why. When I saw Rainbow’s “A”, I really thought she needs to gain more weight. But other than that, she’s really cute.)

Hello Venus- Alice (The new girl group that just debut not too long ago, Alice totally stole the whole spotlight with her beautiful features and great vocal.)

RaNia- Di (The sexy rapper, of course has to have blonde hair.)

G.NA (Back with a new single, “2HOT”, making the K-POP world stunned with her sexy dances again.)

AOA- ChoA (Member from the newest girl group also has dyed her hair blonde.)

AOA- Yookyung (She is the coolest looking one out of all the 8 members in AOA.)

Now it’s time to bring the boys out. ♪ B-bring the boys out ♪
2PM- Jang Wooyoung (Oh yes, here’s the cutie baby-faced Ang Ang who has just released his own solo album, “Free, Single, 23”. Looking hot as ever, he’s titled song, “Sexy Lady” really grabs my attention.)

2PM- Nichkhun Horvejkul (The first Thai of K-POP, which I’m proud to say I’m Thai too. He’s such a handsome guy and when I first saw him in “Cabi Song”, I never thought he was the Thai person of 2PM since he was the one that was attractive to me in the Music Video. I later discovered that he’s the Thai person when my friend told me at school. He recently got into a car accident.)

2PM- Jay (Even though he’s not in 2PM anymore, I still consider him as one of the member in 2PM.)

Super Junior- Eunhyuk (Here’s the monkey faced, Eunhyuk. He’s such a handsome young man. So funny and attractive. My 3 years old brother and 1 year old sister are so addictive to their song, “A-CHA”. Whenever this song is on, my 1 year old sister just starts to dance. How cute.)

Super Junior- Sungmin (Aegyo King of Super Junior is back with a new hair color for ‘Sexy, Free & Single’.)

BEAST- Dongwoon (He look really handsome with this color since he has American face.)

BEAST- Yoseob (Cutie of the group, also take care of the Main Vocal.)

SHINee- Kim Jonghyun (The only one that has muscular body in the group, we all know, it’s Jonghyun.)

SHINee- Kim Kibum (He’s stage name is Key. This kkab also has blonde hair.)

SHINee- Lee Taemin (This little fella has grown up and he’s maturing as a beautiful handsome gentleman.)

BIG BANG- G-Dragon (Of course, we couldn’t leave out this cute little boy who is shockingly, cool on stage.)

MBLAQ- Lee Joon (The ace of MBLAQ dyed his hair blonde too!)

MBLAQ- Thunder (The younger brother of one of the leading K-POP group, which is no one other than 2NE1’s Park Sandara. He is known for he’s great looks, making him and he’s sister, “The Good Looking Siblings of K-POP.”)

MBLAQ- Mir (Whenever I see him, I always get him mixed up with F.T. Island’s Lee Hongki.)

F.T. Island- Lee Hongki (When I saw him in Oh! My School, which is my first ever variety show I’ve watched of K-POP and it helped me to learn more idols when I just started to like K-POP, I didn’t think he was attractive. But looking at him now, he’s really handsome.)

TEEP TOP- L.Joe (Here’s my bias of TEEN TOP.)

Well, that’s all idols with blonde that I can think of (ones that have blonde that actually fits them). I hope you guys enjoy this post. Thank you for reading and see you next time!

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when it comes to hair colors, i really love the red-hair coloring style.,

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woa, you know all of the kpop stars! i’m a fan of beast so i really happy that you have dongwoon and yoseob pictures. i don’t like yoseob’ picture. it looks “girly”, you know…

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