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Learn to Appreciate K-POP Idols More.

Posted on: September 13, 2012

So, as you guys all know, K-POP is the big thing right now. They’re taking over the music industry and are growing tremendously as the day pasts. Either you’re new to K-world or have been around the K-world for a quite long while like me, you’ll notice that these days, so many groups/ soloists’ populations are increasing with just a blink of an eye. They are battling each other to be able to reach the top. And just to let you know, not every single group gets the amount of attention they deserved. Because so many idol groups/soloists are pouring like water in the waterfalls, there are no doubts that not many of them successfully have a great debut. Just look at it, there’s only 3 big entertainment company that is leading the Hallyu wave right now, and that is SM, JYP, and YG. Other than those big 3, then you either success or you either falls to the non-popular groups. And like JYP said, “You either got it, or you don’t.”

As you all may know, groups that are leading the Hallyu waves are: Of course, it’s nothing other than, “Girls’ Generation.” Also, “Wonder Girls”, “2NE1”, “Super Junior”, and “BIG BANG” that have been long leading the Hallyu wave. And as you can see, these groups are all under SM/JYP/YG.

Also, in other music industry, the soloists might be the most successful other than groups which is really rare in other music industry. K-POP is well known for having many groups in the industry. Rather than the soloists being the most popular, it’s the groups. But there are some soloists that success such as Lee Hyori, Rain (Bi), BoA of the older generations. Some of the new leading soloists such as IU and G.NA are also successful in their debuts.

But not many does the K-POP fans knows, that behind every each idols, there’s sweats, tears, hardships, and many obstacles/problems they’ve had to put through in order to just debut.

The process is not easy at all. It’s very competitive as time pasts and much more aspiring trainees/idols are lining up, wishing that they’ll become a K-idol too. There are so many people auditioning, which make it even harder just to become a trainee. Many of the idols had to audition more than 10 times! Even when they get in as a trainee, there are no guarantees that they’ll be able to make their debut. Some trainees might drop out because of the reasons such as; they are falling behind in school, no time to study, stress, miss their family (which some don’t live in Korea where they are trained at the head quarter), or they might have interest in something else more than singing/dancing (which some of the idols realized it later on after they’ve already debut). Take for example, Kibum of Super Junior and ___ of After School, they dropped out of the group because they wanted to pursue their acting career. Also, Park Soyeon of T-ARA used to be a trainee in SM Entertainment. She was about to debut with the Girls’ Generation when she felt that she wasn’t ready and needed more time. She then later on signed with Core Media Entertainment and became a member of T-ARA, a 7 member girl group.

Once you become a trainee, they’ll either let you come to Korea and train there and use the dorm as your place to live. You might not miss your family at first, but as time passes and you see families having fun together or your friend’s parents comes to visit them because they live in Korea, you’ll come to a realize that you misses your family. Another thing is that you’ll have to limit your time of study because after you’re finish with your long school day, at the end of the day, you’ll have to go to the head quarter and train until night. If your place is far away from the company’s building, say you live with your parents, not the company’s dorm, you’ll have to either take a bus or subway. And like many other trainees that are now successful with their career, a lot of them use subways to get home. For what I know because I’ve been searching a lot about SM Entertainment since I would like to sign there, their schedule is like; Wake up, go to school, go back to home/dorm, do homework, at 7:00PM have to be at the building to train, then go home at 10:30PM. That is the schedules of the SM trainees’ schooldays. But you won’t be able to go hangout with your friends/family on Saturday either, because you’ll have to go to train again. So, that left you with Sunday which you can use that time to go to church or you can just relax.

Now, it’s not that hard if you use your time in the right way. But of course even though you do use your time in the right way, you’ll still have a hard time because you don’t get the normal life as other students and friends would get. You don’t get freedom.

Once they debut, it’s not like they’re going to get a day off or two either. They’ll have packed schedules with even less times to sleep. But even so, they do enjoy having packed schedules. They’ll get to show themselves to the public more and get well known. For those of you who always say stuff like, “The CEO should let them get some rest”, “Oh, they look so tired”, etc. Well, don’t you want to see your favorite idols more frequently? Of course, we do.

Other than keep saying those stuff, just keep supporting them and give them strength. After all, an idol won’t have any strength and energy without a fan’s support. So keep on supporting them and give them lots of love. If you get a chance to go to fan signs and such, you should write a heart-warming letter for them. Also, when you’re a fan of a group, please don’t make other members feel left out. Like me for instants, I love every each member of Girls’ Generation. It’s not wrong to have a bias, but make sure to give the same amount of love to every member. I always hate when I see more cheering for particular members. When I become an idol, I sure don’t want that. Things that keep an idol going is supports and love they receives.

Also, many might not know, but everyone thought that being idols are such an easy thing once you debut. You don’t have to go to school, and as a result you don’t have to study. But little does they know, many idols that are still going to school today have to struggle during their little free time to study and catch up to their missing works. Idols like Seohyun from Girls’ Generation, as you guys know, cherish school a lot and she’s known as the brain of the whole K-POP industry. The one person that always try hard and good at many things, she’s the unusual maknae. There are also some that drop out of school to pursue their career. Take for example, BoA, who didn’t go to college because of her busy schedules.

Also, a word for those who might be reading this that also is an aspiring trainees wanting to become an idol or you might be a trainee yourself right now, please DO NOT give up on the dreams you have. Always look forward. There’s nothing impossible in this world if you just make it possible. Another thing is make sure that this is the only thing you want, that if it means to give up your whole life to just become a K-idol, you’ll still do it. Or else, you’ll just waste your life. I’m serious. Make sure that you’ve wanted this for a really long time. If not, wait a little bit and see if this is really what you want. You only have one life, you know. So, make it worth. Another VERY important part of this is, MAKE SURE THIS IS YOUR PASSION! If not, then don’t go for this path just for fame and money, or even for such a crazy reason that you want to be a singer just because you like [insert the name of your favorite idol], not because you actually want to become a singer because you have passion for it. To tell you the truth, it’s not worth it if you go for that path if you don’t have passion for it at all. Because later on in life, you’ll realized that you shouldn’t have gone on that path and should’ve been running after what you really want. So, take your time and don’t rush. Your dreams won’t run away from you if it’s really something that you cherish.

Make your dreams become reality. And remember, nothing will come to you if you don’t work hard for it. Good luck to all and hope to see you on my next posts.


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