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So, as you guys all know, K-POP is the big thing right now. They’re taking over the music industry and are growing tremendously as the day pasts. Either you’re new to K-world or have been around the K-world for a quite long while like me, you’ll notice that these days, so many groups/ soloists’ populations are increasing with just a blink of an eye. They are battling each other to be able to reach the top. And just to let you know, not every single group gets the amount of attention they deserved. Because so many idol groups/soloists are pouring like water in the waterfalls, there are no doubts that not many of them successfully have a great debut. Just look at it, there’s only 3 big entertainment company that is leading the Hallyu wave right now, and that is SM, JYP, and YG. Other than those big 3, then you either success or you either falls to the non-popular groups. And like JYP said, “You either got it, or you don’t.”

As you all may know, groups that are leading the Hallyu waves are: Of course, it’s nothing other than, “Girls’ Generation.” Also, “Wonder Girls”, “2NE1”, “Super Junior”, and “BIG BANG” that have been long leading the Hallyu wave. And as you can see, these groups are all under SM/JYP/YG.

Also, in other music industry, the soloists might be the most successful other than groups which is really rare in other music industry. K-POP is well known for having many groups in the industry. Rather than the soloists being the most popular, it’s the groups. But there are some soloists that success such as Lee Hyori, Rain (Bi), BoA of the older generations. Some of the new leading soloists such as IU and G.NA are also successful in their debuts.

But not many does the K-POP fans knows, that behind every each idols, there’s sweats, tears, hardships, and many obstacles/problems they’ve had to put through in order to just debut.

The process is not easy at all. It’s very competitive as time pasts and much more aspiring trainees/idols are lining up, wishing that they’ll become a K-idol too. There are so many people auditioning, which make it even harder just to become a trainee. Many of the idols had to audition more than 10 times! Even when they get in as a trainee, there are no guarantees that they’ll be able to make their debut. Some trainees might drop out because of the reasons such as; they are falling behind in school, no time to study, stress, miss their family (which some don’t live in Korea where they are trained at the head quarter), or they might have interest in something else more than singing/dancing (which some of the idols realized it later on after they’ve already debut). Take for example, Kibum of Super Junior and ___ of After School, they dropped out of the group because they wanted to pursue their acting career. Also, Park Soyeon of T-ARA used to be a trainee in SM Entertainment. She was about to debut with the Girls’ Generation when she felt that she wasn’t ready and needed more time. She then later on signed with Core Media Entertainment and became a member of T-ARA, a 7 member girl group.

Once you become a trainee, they’ll either let you come to Korea and train there and use the dorm as your place to live. You might not miss your family at first, but as time passes and you see families having fun together or your friend’s parents comes to visit them because they live in Korea, you’ll come to a realize that you misses your family. Another thing is that you’ll have to limit your time of study because after you’re finish with your long school day, at the end of the day, you’ll have to go to the head quarter and train until night. If your place is far away from the company’s building, say you live with your parents, not the company’s dorm, you’ll have to either take a bus or subway. And like many other trainees that are now successful with their career, a lot of them use subways to get home. For what I know because I’ve been searching a lot about SM Entertainment since I would like to sign there, their schedule is like; Wake up, go to school, go back to home/dorm, do homework, at 7:00PM have to be at the building to train, then go home at 10:30PM. That is the schedules of the SM trainees’ schooldays. But you won’t be able to go hangout with your friends/family on Saturday either, because you’ll have to go to train again. So, that left you with Sunday which you can use that time to go to church or you can just relax.

Now, it’s not that hard if you use your time in the right way. But of course even though you do use your time in the right way, you’ll still have a hard time because you don’t get the normal life as other students and friends would get. You don’t get freedom.

Once they debut, it’s not like they’re going to get a day off or two either. They’ll have packed schedules with even less times to sleep. But even so, they do enjoy having packed schedules. They’ll get to show themselves to the public more and get well known. For those of you who always say stuff like, “The CEO should let them get some rest”, “Oh, they look so tired”, etc. Well, don’t you want to see your favorite idols more frequently? Of course, we do.

Other than keep saying those stuff, just keep supporting them and give them strength. After all, an idol won’t have any strength and energy without a fan’s support. So keep on supporting them and give them lots of love. If you get a chance to go to fan signs and such, you should write a heart-warming letter for them. Also, when you’re a fan of a group, please don’t make other members feel left out. Like me for instants, I love every each member of Girls’ Generation. It’s not wrong to have a bias, but make sure to give the same amount of love to every member. I always hate when I see more cheering for particular members. When I become an idol, I sure don’t want that. Things that keep an idol going is supports and love they receives.

Also, many might not know, but everyone thought that being idols are such an easy thing once you debut. You don’t have to go to school, and as a result you don’t have to study. But little does they know, many idols that are still going to school today have to struggle during their little free time to study and catch up to their missing works. Idols like Seohyun from Girls’ Generation, as you guys know, cherish school a lot and she’s known as the brain of the whole K-POP industry. The one person that always try hard and good at many things, she’s the unusual maknae. There are also some that drop out of school to pursue their career. Take for example, BoA, who didn’t go to college because of her busy schedules.

Also, a word for those who might be reading this that also is an aspiring trainees wanting to become an idol or you might be a trainee yourself right now, please DO NOT give up on the dreams you have. Always look forward. There’s nothing impossible in this world if you just make it possible. Another thing is make sure that this is the only thing you want, that if it means to give up your whole life to just become a K-idol, you’ll still do it. Or else, you’ll just waste your life. I’m serious. Make sure that you’ve wanted this for a really long time. If not, wait a little bit and see if this is really what you want. You only have one life, you know. So, make it worth. Another VERY important part of this is, MAKE SURE THIS IS YOUR PASSION! If not, then don’t go for this path just for fame and money, or even for such a crazy reason that you want to be a singer just because you like [insert the name of your favorite idol], not because you actually want to become a singer because you have passion for it. To tell you the truth, it’s not worth it if you go for that path if you don’t have passion for it at all. Because later on in life, you’ll realized that you shouldn’t have gone on that path and should’ve been running after what you really want. So, take your time and don’t rush. Your dreams won’t run away from you if it’s really something that you cherish.

Make your dreams become reality. And remember, nothing will come to you if you don’t work hard for it. Good luck to all and hope to see you on my next posts.


As many of you guys may know, many K-idols are dying their hair colors. Not only brown, which is natural or just blonde, it’s a lot of other crazy colors like; red, blue, pink, purple, you name it! But today I want to talk about “the blondes” in K-POP.

The earlier blondes are, for example; Jessica and Hyoyeon of Girls’ Generation. But many of the idols today have/had dyed their hair blonde. I don’t know for you guys, but I really think blonde fits Asian faces. I guess K-POP makes anything look good but some are saying that they don’t like their idols to dyed “unnatural” colors. Well, it’s their hair and their life guys, deal with it. I think blonde makes them stands out because it’s a really bright color.
Anyways, I want to bring out some of the people who I think fits their blonde hair color. I wouldn’t be able to name it all, just so you know. Since there’s a lot, like a BUNCH, of the idols that dyed their hair blonde. I’ll just bring out some that I have had my eyes on, and yes, I’m more into girl groups, that’s why their might not be a lot of the boys.

SNSD- Jung Jessica (Known as the legend of blonde in K-POP, she was starred in the musical, “Legally Blonde”.)

SNSD- Hwang Tiffany (She has a little blood in her that makes her look kind of foreign. I think it’s her nose that make her look foreign, don’t you?)

SNSD- Kim Taeyeon (Since the first comeback stage of their song, The Boys, I was totally awed, in a good way, of her hair.)

SNSD- Lee Sunny (Even though it’s just a wig, she did dyed her hair blonde before in their “Oh!” Music Video.


SNSD- Kim Hyoyeon (Known as the one who dyed her hair in bunch of colors since before debuting.)

T-ARA- Park Jiyeon (Before, I thought the color was too light and it doesn’t fit her at all. But after watching their Music Video, Day By Day, I really like it. She also had blonde hair in “Time to Love”, the song featuring Supernova.)

f(x)- Park Luna (The first member of f(x) who dyed her hair blonde.)

f(x)- Song Victoria (Their comeback song, Electric Shock, was totally awesome and I can’t stop looking at Victoria’s hair.)

f(x)- Liu Amber (Her tomboyish look finish off with the blonde hair color.)

Ailee (The soloist that I like the most, her hair in Dream High 2 really make her stands out and I hope she go back to this color again. Not like that I don’t like her brown hair, by the way. And like I said about SNSD’s Tiffany, since she’s born in America or might have a little blood in her that make her kind of look foreign, her face or maybe her nose make her look a bit like foreigner.)

SECRET- Jun Hyosung (This color seriously fit her more than her purple hair.)

SECRET- Song Ji Eun (I think she’s really overshadowed by her other group members but I really like Jieun and I think she’s really pretty. She fits her blonde hair.)

SECRET- Zinger (She’s gotten prettier recently, don’t you think? Maybe, it’s because she grew her hair longer.)

KARA- Nicole (Her eyesmile makes her hair color even brighter.)

KARA- Gyuri (How can we left out this beautiful lady that look like Japanese out? With h er beautiful vocal and features, she totally rocked the blonde hair.)

Girl’s Day- Kim Yura (The pretty Yura also dyed her hair blonde.)

4MINUTE- HyunA (The cute girl off-stage, sexy on-stage, she is known for being called “The Next Lee Hyori” and she also debut with Wonder Girls.)

4MINUTE- Gayoon (The girl who has great vocals, she’s really charismatic.)

BoA (A talented soloist that became an idol since young age, her hair really makes her look more playful. Although, I love her black hair too but it’s not the point of this post.)

After School- Lee Nana (BaNana~ Haha, oh, I realized that banana is also yellow, referring that yellow is alike blonde.)

After School- Raina (She definitely became more prettier but she’s still cute as always.)

After School- Lizzy (She has matured after their comeback, Flashback, which I totally loved.)

After School- Bekah (I haven’t been able to get to know her better but she was really cool when I saw her in After School’s old Music Videos. Being graduated like Kahi, I really wish there wasn’t this kind of system in After School. Bekah graduated because she wanted to pursue her dream as a designer. Anyways, I hope to see their individual work become successful.)

Wonder Girls- Ye Eun (I was kind of disappointed that “The Wonder Girls” that was on TV on Nickelodeon channel was kind of short for it to be called a “movie”. The commercials were also taking like, half of their movie time. But yea, they did a good job promoting. Let’s give them round of applause for that. Also, their new song “Like Money” featuring AKON was awesome. Ye Eun looked totally stunning and so did the other girls. Hope they’ll be more successful in the U.S.)

2NE1- CL (Oh, yes, here it is, the girl group that is totally out of ordinary. CL, who is the leader/rapper of the group despite that she’s younger than her two unnies, Park Bom and Park Sandara.)

2NE1- Park Bom (Huge eyes with blonde hair, oh yeah!)

Miss A- Bae Suzy (Knowing about her in my most favorite drama, Dream High, I think she looks totally pretty with her blonde hair.)

Rainbow- Jisook (I knew about her because there was an article saying she’s a look-alike of Kim Taeyeon of Girls’ Generation. I think she’s too skinny, I don’t know why. When I saw Rainbow’s “A”, I really thought she needs to gain more weight. But other than that, she’s really cute.)

Hello Venus- Alice (The new girl group that just debut not too long ago, Alice totally stole the whole spotlight with her beautiful features and great vocal.)

RaNia- Di (The sexy rapper, of course has to have blonde hair.)

G.NA (Back with a new single, “2HOT”, making the K-POP world stunned with her sexy dances again.)

AOA- ChoA (Member from the newest girl group also has dyed her hair blonde.)

AOA- Yookyung (She is the coolest looking one out of all the 8 members in AOA.)

Now it’s time to bring the boys out. ♪ B-bring the boys out ♪
2PM- Jang Wooyoung (Oh yes, here’s the cutie baby-faced Ang Ang who has just released his own solo album, “Free, Single, 23”. Looking hot as ever, he’s titled song, “Sexy Lady” really grabs my attention.)

2PM- Nichkhun Horvejkul (The first Thai of K-POP, which I’m proud to say I’m Thai too. He’s such a handsome guy and when I first saw him in “Cabi Song”, I never thought he was the Thai person of 2PM since he was the one that was attractive to me in the Music Video. I later discovered that he’s the Thai person when my friend told me at school. He recently got into a car accident.)

2PM- Jay (Even though he’s not in 2PM anymore, I still consider him as one of the member in 2PM.)

Super Junior- Eunhyuk (Here’s the monkey faced, Eunhyuk. He’s such a handsome young man. So funny and attractive. My 3 years old brother and 1 year old sister are so addictive to their song, “A-CHA”. Whenever this song is on, my 1 year old sister just starts to dance. How cute.)

Super Junior- Sungmin (Aegyo King of Super Junior is back with a new hair color for ‘Sexy, Free & Single’.)

BEAST- Dongwoon (He look really handsome with this color since he has American face.)

BEAST- Yoseob (Cutie of the group, also take care of the Main Vocal.)

SHINee- Kim Jonghyun (The only one that has muscular body in the group, we all know, it’s Jonghyun.)

SHINee- Kim Kibum (He’s stage name is Key. This kkab also has blonde hair.)

SHINee- Lee Taemin (This little fella has grown up and he’s maturing as a beautiful handsome gentleman.)

BIG BANG- G-Dragon (Of course, we couldn’t leave out this cute little boy who is shockingly, cool on stage.)

MBLAQ- Lee Joon (The ace of MBLAQ dyed his hair blonde too!)

MBLAQ- Thunder (The younger brother of one of the leading K-POP group, which is no one other than 2NE1’s Park Sandara. He is known for he’s great looks, making him and he’s sister, “The Good Looking Siblings of K-POP.”)

MBLAQ- Mir (Whenever I see him, I always get him mixed up with F.T. Island’s Lee Hongki.)

F.T. Island- Lee Hongki (When I saw him in Oh! My School, which is my first ever variety show I’ve watched of K-POP and it helped me to learn more idols when I just started to like K-POP, I didn’t think he was attractive. But looking at him now, he’s really handsome.)

TEEP TOP- L.Joe (Here’s my bias of TEEN TOP.)

Well, that’s all idols with blonde that I can think of (ones that have blonde that actually fits them). I hope you guys enjoy this post. Thank you for reading and see you next time!

The Start of a Miracle

One day, I was just being bored like usual and reached out for my iTouch.

I don’t know why I clicked on “Video”, but I did.

And I saw a bunch of K-POP MVs downloaded by my cousin who likes K-POP.
I went to Thailand to visit and while at there, I let my cousin to use my iTouch.

I clicked one of the video, didn’t know that the miracle will happen.

The song started to play.

♪ Do do it, Chu~ It’s true, true, true, true it’s You~ Do do it, Chu~ ♪

I started to pay close attention to it. It was nothing like I’ve seen before in my entire life.

With the upbeat melody, cool dance choreography, pretty 5 girls singing, I started to smile and think, “Oh, this song is pretty… cool!” 

I looked at the video, it says, “f(x) – Chu~”.
From then, I started to listen to that song. But one day, I was just internet surfing and somehow I was on YouTube.

So, I said to myself, “Why not write “f(x)” since I liked their song, Chu~, maybe they’ve released other cool songs!”

So, from there, started the miracle… me being a K-POP fan.

I started to watch their song, Nu ABO. I don’t remember how I got started to like other K-POP groups… maybe related videos?

Being a K-POP fan 

It has been about 1 year and a half. Hmm, looking at that, 1 year and a half… isn’t that short?
Then, why do I feel like I’m already a part of a family?
I guess time doesn’t matter as long as you support your favorite idol the right way.

In those time, I started to become a part of a BIG family, a “S♥NE.”
Being a “S♥NE,” and a K-POP fan in general, has… changed my life?

I started to be more interested in a lot of things like Korean culture, Korean language, fashion, cosmetics,  and not to mention, Korean food!

If I didn’t found out about K-POP, I would probably not be on internet often, become a fan of some T-POP group or solo since I am Thai and I used to like them before K-POP came to my life (I still listen to their music sometimes), probably would have more savings, wouldn’t exercise and/or try to eat healthier, and a lot of other things.

But thankfully, I’ve found it! And I usually would lost my fandom for someone in about a year or two.

But K-POP survived and I don’t think I’ll ever lose my obsession for it. I’ve been sucked into a K-POP land and I’ll be stuck there for the rested of my life.

My parents, mostly my Mom, would always say, “You’re watching/listening to this Korean stuff again?”, “How do you even listen to them when you don’t even understand Korean?”, and all those other stuff.

Yes, that’s true. I don’t speak or understand  Korean but in the music world, it doesn’t matter where in the world you are, what language you speak, what ethnicity you are, what country you’re from, or even how old you are. Why? Because music is for everyone, and yes, I mean EVERYONE. Music is for enjoyment and even though I don’t understand, I don’t think there’s any language barrier. I actually tries to learn Korean just so that I can understand what they’re saying. See what K-POP can do to a person?

Now, I don’t just enjoy listening to their music or their stage personality. The thing that I love above that is their TRUE personality, their bonding between each other that gives me a warm family-feels, and how they can make me smile without knowing, laugh until I cry, and cry like I’ve been holding my tears for years.

I feel like I can connect to them and I believe other true K-POP fans could be able to say that too. I’m not the only person in this world who gives in my life for K-POP.

Going back to being a “S♥NE”, this make me realized who I really am and what I really want to become.

You know how when you like some groups that has more than one person, you usually pick one person to like the most.

But this is not the case, I love ALL of my 9 girls and no one less than other. Of course I do have my bias, but I give my love towards all 9 girls.

Being a loyal/true S♥NE, you have to remember to support them always and always believe in our girls. I, myself, believe that the person they showed on camera and off-camera is their true selves and that they’re not faking their personality.
My mom and the media will always say, “You don’t know the person behind the camera, because they can hide their dark true identities and fake themselves in front of the camera.”
But for me, K-POP and/or Girls’ Generation, to me are true and real. The person I see in TV shows and variety shows and what they said, because I am a S♥NE or in general, K-POP fan, I believe in their words because if I have a chance to become  an idol, I would definitely show my true personality and only hoping that people can except the real me because I cannot be anybody else.

My Dream Career
When I was young, I used to pretend that I’m a radio with my family and they’ll turn on the radio, then I’ll start to sing and dance automatically.

I didn’t think of it that serious since I was just a kid and didn’t think of my future ahead yet. But now that I’m growing up, I started to wonder, what do I want to be when I grow up as my career?

Then I realized that during those times of happiness or sadness, the only thing that can connect to my feelings is nothing other than music.

And since I love K-POP for their many different genres of music, I decided that I would want to become a K-idol.

Of course, I know become idol, or even just a trainee takes lots of effort and passion, I know if I just word hard and have passion for music, I can be able to achieve my dreams.

When I feel like no one can understand me, music does. I cannot express how much I love music or my passion for music, because it’s overloaded.

My mom always tell me that I should be a doctor. Of course, parents would want you to become something that they don’t have to worry about since being a doctor, it’s like the top job and you can also receive a lot of money by working. But I can’t. If I become something else, then… that’s not me. I wouldn’t have true happiness, I wouldn’t be able to do what I love… not saying that doctor or other jobs are bad (my aunt and uncle are doctors) but it’s just that everyone has different interests and passion. My mom always tell me I could never do it… but I believe in myself. And I will make everyone proud of me and prove that nothing is impossible. Seohyun taught me that, “If your dream is alive, then one day it will come true.”

Tiffany also said, ”Everything will be good as long as you do your best. Because if you do, there will be no regrets.”

She also said, ”I want to continue singing. As I get older, I want to be a singer that has an endless passion for music and stage performances.”

THAT is the true passion for music. This is why I love these girls so much. I feel like I can connect to their words and they always say something inspiring… Keke.

Thank you K-POP, for everything.

I know K-POP won’t last forever but this is just the start. K-POP has a long way to go and as long as there are still loyal fans, K-POP can last more than 30 years (and I said MORE than!).

We would want to keep this amazing one-of-a-kind treasure for the next generations to come, right?
K-POP, being a fan of you, I have NO regrets.