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If you love K-POP or just music in general, you should totally try to listen to T-POP. T-POP stands for Thai pop. T-POP is great and they should be recognized more. I will give you some suggestion to a good music in T-POP. T-POP has great vocals and they can also dance. This is not related but for a K-POP fans who are not Thai, when you say Thailand/Thai, you’ll probably think of Nichkhun (pronounce Nich-cha-kun, but Korean mispronounced it as Nick-Khun so that name stucked with him). So, if you like Nichkhun, think of  it as listening to the music in the language that Nichkhun speaks. Also, these artists are more active in social network than any other artists I can find. They take their time to actually talk to their fans. They do a lot of fan services and yes, it’s really them. There’s many proves so I know that they’re not fake. So, if you would want to have their social service site, you can comment in this post and I’ll give you it. Let’s start!


Formed in early 2007, Kamikaze has some best artists in Thailand. For teens and any ages, they gather awesome artists and make amazing music. There is actually first generation of Kamikaze, which includes, ‘Four Mod’, ‘Faye Fang Kaew’, ‘K-OTIC’, ‘Neko Jump’, ‘Waii’, ‘Knomjean’, ‘Mila’, ‘Chilli White Choc’, ‘SISKA’, and ‘Payu’. In the other hand, Kamikaze has added many more artists which is the second generation of Kamikaze. The artists that have been added includes, ‘3.2.1’, ‘Kiss Me Five’, ‘X-I-S’, ‘Kat Pat’, and the latest, ‘AB Queen’.

I would suggest you guys to listen to this song. It all the Kamikaze artists together. This is a project to help people that cannot hear and also for those that are feeling down. I think it’s a great project and they’re doing it for a good cause.

Four Mod


(In the picture, from left to right; Mod, Four)

Four Mod is a duo consisting of 2 girls, Four and Mod. They were formed in the year of 2005.

Suggestion Song:

Faye Fang Kaew


(In the picture, from left to right; Kaew, Fang, Faye)

FFK was formed in 2007. There are 3 group members which is Faye, Fang, and Kaew. Faye and Fang are sisters while Kaew is not related to any of the girls. Kaew has a tomboy-ish style and that makes her stands out.

Suggestion Song:



(In the picture, from left to right; Tomo, Kenta, Poppy, Koen, Jongbae)

Debuted in the year of 2007 with 5 group members. 2 of the member are Thai (Poppy and Koen). There is also 2 half Japanese members (Kenta and Tomo). Kenta was born to a Japanese father and a Thai mother. Tomo was born to a Thai father and a Japanese mother. In the other hand, there is 1 member who is full-Korean (Jongbae) and was born in Seoul. Sadly, this group had recently announced to be disbanding.

Suggestion Song:

Neko Jump

[In the picture, from left to right; Neoy, Jam]

Neko Jump is a  duo consisting of 2 twin sisters, Neoy and Jam. If you like J-POP, you might know Neko Jump. Neko Jump promotes a lot in Japan.

Suggestion Song:


Waii is a solo artist.

Suggestion Song:


Another solo artist from Kamikaze.

Suggestion Song:


More solo artist. Mila used to do punk rock. But with her comeback song, she have become a cute artist.

Chilli White Choc (former)

(In the picture, from left to right, from top to bottom; Jinny, Pimmy, Ink, Best)

Chilli White Choc is a group consisting of 4 members; Pimmy, Jinny, Best, and Ink. This group already disbanded long ago. 2 members (Ink and Best) isn’t in Kamikaze anymore. In the other hand, the other 2 members (Pimmy and Jinny) made up another group with Meen from SISKA and their group name was ‘SWEE:D’. Unfortunately, Pimmy and Meen quit their singing career and went back to concentrate on their study. Leaving ‘SWEE:D’ disbanded too. Leaving Jinny alone in Kamikaze. Until now, Jinny haven’t made comeback with any own group except for the special project, ‘Sevendays 2’, a second version of ‘Sevendays’ which Pimmy, Jinny, and Meen was together. To be honest, Pimmy is my favorite out of all T-POP and when she leaved, my heart sank and I guess that’s how I gotten into K-POP. But I still follow T-POP except I’m not that obsessed anymore.

SISKA (former)

(In the picture, from left to right; Meen, Jam)

SISKA is a duo consisting 2 girls, Jam and Meen. This group disbanded when Jam was gone from Kamikaze without no news. She later came back but she’s not in Kamikaze anymore. When Jam was gone, Meen was in a new group, ‘SWEE:D’ and again, this group also got disbanded because of Pimmy and Meen herself leave Kamikaze because they wanted to concentrate on school more.


(In the picture, from left to right; TJ, Poppy, Gavin)

A group consist of 3 members, TJ, Poppy, and Gavin. TJ is a songwriter and he write songs for K-OTIC before.

Kiss Me Five

(In the picture, from left to right, from top to bottom; Mild, Gail, Bow, Bam, Kitty)

Kiss Me Five consist of 5 girls, Mild, Gail, Bam, Kitty, and Bow. This group now left with only 4 members without Kitty.

Suggestion Song:


(In the picture, from left to right; Jiho, Kwang, Kevin, Pichy, Kang, Kyungtae)

This group is consist of 6 members, Pichy, Kang, Kwang, Kevin, Kyungtae, and Jiho. They got their name from the number of members they have. Reversing ‘SIX’ makes ‘XIS’. There are 3 Thai (Pichy, Kang, and Kwang), 1 half-Chinese [Hong Kong to be exact] (Kevin), and 2 Korean (Kyungtae and Jiho).


Sugar Eyes

(In the picture, from left to right; Praewa, Piglet, Darling, Nitaa, Cooky)

This group is a 5 member girl group consisting of Darling, Nitaa, Piglet, Praewa, and Cooky. Piglet is the sister of the twin, ‘Neko Jump’. Now, the group is left with 4 member without Darling.

Suggestion Song:

Candy Mafia

(In the picture, from left to right; Nune, Milk, Nett, Bambam, Garn)

Candy Mafia is consist of 5 members, Nett, Nune, Bambam, Garn, and Milk. Milk is the added member to Candy Mafia. If you watch Star King, you might know them because they’ve been in that show and they also have many more other Korean activities.

Suggestion Song:

There are much more great artists but these are the one that I like. Don’t forget to check out their music.